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Bnei Etz Yosef 5775 - Ephraim & Rimona Frank

Ephraim Frank has been witness and present at the Declaration of Independence of the „Nation of Ephraim“ by Ulf Diebel, March 2005 together with Gerit Nell from South Africa, Scott Diffenderfer from the USA, Rabbi Avraham Feld, Yair Davidy and around 100 participants at the event in Ramat Rachel.

Already in the beginning of 2015 Ephraim Frank was personally contacted and offered to clear up the great confusion, caused by my Absence, starting 31.12.2007 with a 7 year period of being „cut-off“ from Jerusalem from 1.1.2008 - 1.1.2015.

On December 19, 2019 the „Ephraim Fable“ from 2011 came up, as well as the „House of Josef“ in an article on Breaking Israel News

Under the Domain The latest activities are listed, but as it seems no recent updates have been made.

For 5 years Ephraim refuses to talk about the greatest miracle ever. Also a rift between the former brethren in the Jewish Orthodox community developed because of the different approaches of „Torah“ vs. „Jeshua“.

The network of people who count themself to the House of Josef is very personal and completely “off the radar“, with a poor public relation.

Please connect via this website or and bring Ephraim home, to clean up the mess some over active and protective brethren caused.

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