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Israel asks UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to resign following shocking speech

The speech of Portugal Socialist Antonio Guterres at the UN today caused shockwaves within the diplomatic corpse of unelected bureaucrats and caused Israel's Ambassador the UN Gilad Erdan to ask Guterres to resign.

In the name of the people of Israel in the promised land and all children of the world wide scattered children of Israel (c) Ephraim, Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, leader of the Nation of Ephraim organisation and advisor to the orthodox rabbinical judges of the Sanhedrin supports the request of Israel's Ambassador Gilad Erdan

The speech was held on the anniversary of the UN Charta, signed 24.10.1945 by the 46 nations at war against the German Nazi Empire, who is up to this day an occupied enemy state according Art 53 of the UN Charta, without a valid peace treaty.

The only other enemy state of the UN is Japan.

The Federal Republic of Germany with the Basic Law from 23.5.1949 is not identical with the still occupied German Empire, is not a state and does not have a constitution, but an administrative body for the Allied Powers USA, United Kingdom, France and Russia, although Russia was paid out with the signing of the 2+4 contracts signed 12.9.1990

While we as citizens in West Germany and the US, all thought the Marxist Revolution stopped with the end of the cold war and the fall of the Berlin Wall 9.11.1989 with a total break down of the Communist version and idea of "Our Democracy" (like the one in the German Democratic Republic with Stasi and KGB surveillance), the Marxists idea and revolution continued and took on the face of these two old guys, sold to us as Sugar Daddy Creepy Joe and Holy Jesuit Marxist Father, with China Joker Mitch McConnell sneaking in between.

It should dawn to everybody, that these high profile individuals are actors in the truest sense of the word and are only able to handle the pressure of the demanding role, with the consumption of drugs, like the cocaine just detected in the White House, when Joe got a visit from his son Hunter. What we all experience right now is a show, a well scripted theatre play, nice costumes, dramatic speeches, real live action with running death tolls, or fake election polls, where the involved actors know already, what their role comes to the last scene, when the last riddle is revealed to the world wide audience.

WHO in the world today, can bring us out of this mess?

Together with 2,8 billion Christians Donald Trump said today, that the only person who could bring us out of this mess would be Jesus Christ, the alleged "Sonf of God" and King of the World, represented by Jesuit Marxist Mario Bergoglio.

Readers of this blog and interested followers on our social media channels already know, how the story ends, because the attention of the world is focused now on the Holy City of Jerusalem, Israel and the Jewish people, who endured the deadliest attack in Jewish history after the Holocaust.

Anybody who wants to maintain a sound position concerning Israel, needs to grasp that the Torah of Moses and the Hebrew prophets and the book of the Apocalypse is the underlying script for the reality, the guys in charge want us to experience.

Don't be like Antonio, Joe and Mario, who finance (with tax payer cash) and defend the Hamas-ISIS-Nazi terrorists, partner up with Iran and push Israel into a so-called Two State Solution. Do not participate in their lies, murder, distortion and diplomatic bullshit lingo.

He blessed them that day and said, ‘In your [Jacob-Israel] name will Israel pronounce this blessing: “May God make you like Ephraim Genesis 48.20

Be like Ephraim, join the Moschiach Team and become Israel. When all enemies of Israel dropped dead, the children of Israel will live and take possession of the land God promised us.

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