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Join the Nation of Ephraim to Organise and Establish Silver as World Reserve Currency

In the middle of a world wide attempted silver squeeze, in the shadow of the GameStop phenomena on the Robinhood App, Rabbi Hillel Weiss called now to make silver into the world reserve currency.

This bombshell news for the financial industry was overlooked by many, as world leaders look for financial advice to the central banks and China, not to the Jewish State. Since the inauguration of Joe Biden, the socialist money press was ignited, to transform our planet into a "New Normal Utopia" with full blown sun-collector energy production to fuel gazillion new Tesla electrical cars.

To make this New Green Deal Socialist Revolution possible, Silver is the single most important component. Without Silver the fourth industrial revolution, after the Great Reset orchestrated by Klaus Schwab and his transhuman Big Tech and Big Media buddies, couldn't take place.

Silver is absolute unique in its properties, but besides the industrial application the most important commodity in the 12 tribe kingdom economy of Israel. For quite some time we organise the purchase of silver for the production of a Temple coin.

For hundreds of registered members of the Nation of Ephraim, this headline is HUUUUGE

Silver is the Torah commanded payment for the various services of the levitical priesthood in the Temple in Jerusalem. It is a sad fact of history, that the delusion of money e.g. taking the silver out of the silver money, or in modern age by using the printing press to pay the bills (e.g. Bill Clinton, Bill Gates), always caused the destruction of the empire.

As of today hundreds have joined our movement for Peace in Zion and became part of the Nation of Ephraim.

Since 25.5.2015 the descendants of Jakob scattered in Europe re-organised in Germany and for quite some time actively engaged various key individuals in the United States, Germany and Israel in preparation of the Jeremiah 31.31-34 #NewDeal between the House of Israel (the descendants from Josef, Ephraim) and the House of Judah (the Jewish People).

Since 24.4.2017 we are a chartered body under the name "Erbengemeinschaft Jakob e.V." to identify and organise the scattered lost sheep of the House of Israel. According to our TOS Gold & Silver is the real money of the Nation of Ephraim, who has a historical claim to Samaria, the heartland of Israel.

Anybody can join by accepting our Terms of Service (TOS) - "the Bible" and the Lizenz Agreement of Ephraim Media Truth.

The Nation of Ephraim Identity Card is the requirement to participate in the chartered Ephraim Nation Gold & Silver Trust with the set goal to establish a Temple Coin Factory in Samaria for the production of 20 million coins in the first year, with the longterm goal to accumulate 1.000t silver and 100t gold, stored and managed in the land of Israel.

Visit for more information or sig-up.

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