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Let's speak Arabic for our Palestinian guests in Europe and Berlin

Unfortunately, most of the immigrating masses into Europe, with the most favourite target Germany do not speak English or German, but most likely Arabic, as most of these qualified Asylum seeking single male workers come from Syria, Lebanon, Gaza or North Africa.

Since it is impossible for most people in the free thinking liberal world to discuss the Israel conflict with the Hamas with an Arabic speaking immigrant to Germany, who screams "death to the Jews" in Berlin Neukölln, or Paris, or any other invaded city in Europe, we can now present to you a 1 min. Short clip of the most important Arabic Words you can send via Social Media to your Arabic speaking neighbour in Europe. The Arabic is translated into English as well. When you have the ability to read, you know exactly what it says and can digest the clear and simple visual message.

Please Remember!

The News are still Fake and the War is real. Here is what the Bible has to say about Gaza and the Palestinians:

This is what the Lord says: ‘For three sins of Gaza, even for four, I will not relent. Because she took captive whole communities and sold them to Edom, I will send fire on the walls of Gaza that will consume her fortresses. I will destroy the king (Inhabitants) of Ashdod and the one who holds the sceptre in Ashkelon. I will turn my hand against Ekron, till the last of the Philistines are dead,’ says the Sovereign Lord. Amos 1.6-8

Here on ZionElite.Biz we stand with Almighty God and his people Israel.

We, the Nation of Ephraim and the Society of the Heirs of Jacob, support the soldiers of the IDF and the Jewish people in their quest to reestablish the 12 tribe Kingdom of Israel, the Sanhedrin and the reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem as a House of Prayer for all Nations.

We believe in Peace through Superior Firepower and in the eradication of Amalek-ISIS-HAMAS and pray for a speedy victory by the time the Popcorns runs out.

You are a Non-Jewish believer in the God of Israel and his eternal Word as handed down to us in the Bible?

Then you have the opportunity to join the Nation of Ephraim and our cooperation with the Jewish people in Israel in our joint cooperation of the Sanhedrin Initiative by visiting:


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