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Rav Dror - A Rabbis Answer to People who Love Jesus with a comment by Ephraim Ben Josef

Some days ago Rav Dror posted a compassionate message to people who love Jesus, which sparked me to write a compassionate comment, I will follow up on.

Shalom Dror,

Since all rabbis teach and wait for the messiah, at least it is safe to say, that none of the well known teachers is the messiah. Additionally the Jewish people wait for the messiah to be from King David to reestablish the Davidic Dynasty. But Israel is not complete without Josef, where Ephraim holds the firstborn right in the resurrection of the dead (Ez. 37) - you recently reminded in one of your last videos, that there are potentially hundreds of millions of Israelites out there, formally known as the "10 lost tribes". The haftara of last Shabbat was Ovadjah, where Edom is burned down by the fire of Jacob and the flame of Josef. Next shabbat we read from Zachariah 2-4, first about the daughter of Zion and then about Yehoshua the High Priest. Yehoshua means Josua means Jesus, who is the servant of Moses Yehoshua Ben Nun, who is Ephraim, who is Israel and HaShems firstborn son (Genesis 4.22 Jeremiah 31.9)

Regardless of what the Jewish people believe, do or say, it is a matter of fact, that Edom, Rome which is the Roman Catholic Church with Pope Francis on top, insist that the New Testament Jesus Story is true and furthermore made a dogmatic constitution (already 24.4.1870) about the son of God DEI FILIUS, declaring themselves to be infaillible in every question in regards to the messiah; meaning... the Pope is the representative of the messiah, until he comes and the stargazers from the east declared in their law EUCHARISTICUM MYSTERIUM on Passah Sheni 25.5.67 to be the b-day of the heir. 70 years Israel 14.5.1948 - 14.5.2018 = 25567 days. The 25.5. is the 145th day of the year and every 19 years is the 25.5. the 6/7 sivan and King Davids bday "Shavuot" the last time 2015. With the opening of the US Embassy, you had a full line up of all "issues", starting with the opening prayer by a Southern Baptist "in the name of Lord Jesus", to the most shocked Chabad rabbi Zalman Wolowik (I laughed my head off).

Here is the ONLY way out. The NT claims that Jesus was the Son of David and the Isaiah 7.14 Immanuel, the sign for the House of Judah. But Isaiah 7 starts with Ephraim turns Samaria and his end as a people. In Isaiah 8.18 the Immanuel has miracle children. In Zachariah 9.9 they are called daughter of Zion and daughter of Jerusalem in the most messianic verse of the prophets, where Ephraim is the missing arrow for Judah the bow. While observant Jews really do believe in the coming of moschiah, they do not, under no circumstances expect some dude from the nations. Josef did recognize his brothers, but his brothers didn't recognize Josef. Same thing today. Because of the 2750 year separation between Israel and Judah and 2000 years of Roman world occupation and domination, millions have lost their identity and completely forgot who they are and Ephraim has to show and explain himself to his Jewish brothers, which isn't easy with tons of liberal Jewish democrats, supporting the color revolution and the coup against Trump, who are not interested in Torah, nor Law & Order. Check out with a 1 hour video explain on what has been done so far to bring back the 12 tribe Kingdom of Israel out of the hands of Pope Francis.

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