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Torah Eduction is the Key to Peace between the Sons of Abraham and the End of Socialism

I will bend Judah as I bend my bow and fill it with Ephraim. I will rouse your sons, Zion, against your sons, Greece, and make you like a warrior’s sword. Zachariah 9.13 NIV

Yesterday the Jerusalem Post published IHRA definition is useful - antisemitism must be fought on all forms saying "BDS is, by definition, discriminating against Israelis due to their national origin, and antisemitism is discrimination based on religion."

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition from May 26, 2016.

"Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

There is no shadow of a doubt, that Jewish Institutions and governments around the world, under the leadership of the USA, took up the fight against Antisemitism, with sincere efforts by policy makers to implement strategies and legislation to identify, prosecute and punish acts of Antisemitism to protect Jewish Communities around the world.

For centuries Antisemitism was based on religion as the JPost states. Since the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome in the year 70, the Roman Empire changed from a pagan culture to Christianity, where the center of worship is a crucified Jew, who was made into God incarnated on earth, as it is up to this day.

Please listen to what Ronald Lauder has to say in his second video clip from yesterday about education.

To understand our history, we should have a short look at two of the most famous antisemites, who are the prototypes of what we understand today as Fascism and Nazism.

The facts in history are, that Mussolini created the Kingdom Of VaticanCity via the Lateran Treaty February 11, 1929 and made the since 1870 isolated Pope an absolute monarch and lawgiver over Italy. The newly crowned king started to sign concordats with Catholic leaders all over Europe, with the Roman Catholic Austrian Adolf Hitler on 20.7.1933.

The so called "Reichskonkordat"guarantees the freedom of religion for Catholics, up to this day. Mario Bergoglio is the 8th King of that Fascist Kingdom and Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and 20,4% of US citizens are the devotees to the same faith Adolf Hitler had, with a tiny difference. Instead of National Socialism, we are heading to global International Socialism, up to this day organised Urbi Et Orbi from the fascist Kingdom of VaticanCity.

Up to this day, I still cannot believe, that Catholic Joe Biden, who is the puppet of the radical left, will be inaugurated as President of the United States, with his hands on the Bible.

For months and months I heard the mantra "nobody is above the law" by Jewish state officials like Adam Schiff or Jerrold Nadler, who were caught in a coup against a sitting president of the United States.

Antisemitism is based on religion and defined as attacks against Non-Jews also. While a large portion of Jewish US citizen is non religious, the majority of non-Catholic Christian US Citizens are very religious, go to church and read their Bible with a growing number of Christians adopting a Hebrew lifestyle as Non-Jews by living according to the Torah.

There is no amount of words to describe the pain, the verbal and physical attacks and overall damage done by Liberal Jews, Socialists and radical left wingers, what cannot other described as Antisemitism in its worst form.

Now you, if you call yourself a Jew; if you rely on the law and boast in God; if you know his will and approve of what is superior because you are instructed by the law; if you are convinced that you are a guide for the blind, a light for those who are in the dark, an instructor of the foolish, a teacher of little children, because you have in the law the embodiment of knowledge and truth— you, then, who teach others, do you not teach yourself? You who preach against stealing, do you steal? Romans 2.17-21

The most sacred oath, was the oath God gave to our father Abraham and his descendants.

Do what is right and good in the Lord’s sight, so that it may go well with you and you may go in and take over the good land the Lord promised on oath to your ancestors, 5Mo 6.18

God swore to sent a person, who will fix the broken relationship and bring peace to Jerusalem.

The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind: “You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.” Psalm 110

That person is a Non-Jew, since he is from Joseph.

And Joseph made the Israelites swear an oath and said, “God will surely come to your aid, and then you must carry my bones up from this place.” Genesis 50.25

What every Jew needs is a Torah education and a clear definition on "Who is Israel?"

because I am Israel’s father, and Ephraim is my firstborn son. Jeremiah 31.9

A peace between Ephraim & Judah as written in Jeremiah 31.31-34 is the next step towards a world wide peace from Jerusalem.

The Ground is laid and I am absolut sure, that the former CIA director as chief spy of the most Pro-Israel, Pro-Jerusalem, Pro-Jewish, Pro-Bible, Pro-Faith, Pro-Life, Pro Peace & Prosperity Administration knows already the name of the individual, who is set to exchange the Pope to become king on Mount Zion.

The big Question is only, what will Michael do on his birthday 20.1.2021?

Serious Michael... you really wanna go down with the criminals?

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