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King of Kings Jerusalem Choir perform "Gadol Adonai" - Great is the Lord

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Jamie Hilsden, son of Ann & Wayne Hilsden, the leaders of the King of Kings Congregation in the Pavillion, in downtown Jerusalem along with the local musicians had a concert, which was uploaded 12.8.2015 by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel and hit already over 8 million views on YouTube.

Singers above are, Ricky and Martin, who still have my Rosenthal China in storage and Collin Ross, you see in the picture below from 1997, together with Wayne Hilsden. The guy in the Yellow Shirt is Ulf Diebel, who started to run around officially as "Ephraim, Priest of the Order of Melchizedek" from 25.5.2015, to clear up a serious issues between brethren, of whom a couple fell already asleep and are not with us anymore.

Unaware that the concert will take place, I started to upload my Testimony of 48 years up unto my EphraimRising.TV YT Channel 3.8.2015.

As you can see in my YT description, I asked for clarification with the following Individuals.

  • Peter Riedel, ehem. Christliches Zentrum Düsseldorf CZD

  • Rudi Pinke, Fathers House FFM Rolf Piller, Fathers House FFM

  • Peter Wenz, Gospel Forum Stuttgart

  • Wolfhard Margis, Gemeinde auf dem Weg

  • Hans Peter Pache, Lukas gemeinde Berlin

  • Rüdiger Sumann, Lukas gemeinde Berlin

  • Heinz Kiock, Lukas gemeinde Berlin

  • Sven Olaf Heckel, Lukas gemeinde Berlin

  • Wilfried Franz, Rentrop & Deichmann

  • Willi Stier, Asaph

  • Jörg Haller, Hannover

  • Dr. Jürgen Bühler, Director International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

  • Ludwig Schneider, Israel Heute

  • Doron Schneider, ICEJ

  • Wilfried Gotter, Sächsische Israelfreunde

  • Werner Hartstock, , Sächsische Israelfreunde

  • Andreas Bauer, Jerusalem Gemeinde

  • Alfred Aidoo, Düsseldorf

  • Richard Aidoo, Düsseldorf

  • Steve Okunola,

  • Turgay Yazar, Ministries

  • Abdul Memra, MemraTV

  • Timon Mann, World Wide Wings

  • Naturekrieger23 (Martin),

  • Norbert Link, Kirche des Ewigen Gottes (Auf Posten Stehen)

  • Prof. Dr. Walther Veith

  • Xavier Naidoo, Sohn Zions

  • Oliver Janich, Journalist

  • Sabine Zangerle, Gemeinde Kreuzkirche Düsseldorf

  • Hildegard Schneider, World Wide Wings

Peter Riedel, was the pastor, who baptised me 31.7.1994 and together with pastors Alfred Aidoo and Richard Aidoo, performed my wedding ceremony on 24.8.1996 in Düsseldorf, before we moved to Israel on 2.10.1996, where we were gifted with our firstborn Daniel Philippus Diebel *27.12.1997 in Heidenheim and two daughters Naomi Ester Diebel *5.7.1999 in Jerusalem, Israel and Yael Eden Diebel *21.11.2004 even in our house on Kfar EtZion 6/9 in Jerusalem.

After 5 years of unsuccessful attempt to clean up my administrative papers, Peter Riedel died unexpectedly 1.10.2020.

Peter Riedel - died

Ludwig Schneider - died

Rolf Piller - died

Dr. Jürgen Bühler - lost a kidney within a year

Turgay Yasar - sits in prison

Doron Schneider - left the ICEJ

Timon Mann - left World Wide Wings

Oliver Janich - became Germany's most famous Conspiracy guy, mentioned in the latest World Jewish Congress Antisemitism Report

Xavier Naidoo - became Germany's most famous Conspiracy guy, mentioned in the latest World Jewish Congress Antisemitism Report

Xavier Naidoo and Jürgern Bühler were informed on 20.4.2015 via Video

Over the last 5 years I carried the burden of being accused of having

  1. Jerusalem Syndrome

  2. Being cursed because I do not worship Jesus as God

  3. Not taking care of my children

I have been accused by the most influential Christian Zionist in Israel, with one of the largest world-wide network of Charismatic and Pentecostal churches with up to 750 million believers, denying any active involvement in the repair of the destruction, such statement caused in my family, which is by any standard of current definition, antisemitism at its worst.

Ronald Lauder the publisher of the Report on Antisemitism, with Xavier Naidoo listed, is in direct connection with Dr. Jürgen Bühler, who is in direct connection with Xavier Naidoo via his wife Vesna Bühler and the song in the video above.

To support Ephraim to come home, join the Sanhedrin Law & Order Study and Action Group via

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